清山塾2020夏季策劃 「息 微」

Microcosmic Breath

Casphalt, Hong Kong, 2020


「息 微」不僅是一個策劃主題,更是一種經驗,從微觀身外空氣流動觀照心內,讓空間與裝置成為短暫的忘憂所。

2020年6至8月期間,清山塾分別在Gallery及Studio展出年輕藝術家Echo Hui的裝置作品,兩個空間各設一件以微觀氣流的聲影裝置,有部分會隨空間動靜而變化的互動元素,有部分則把溫度氣流化成視覺,營造海市蜃樓般的幻象,卻更似心念影象之投射。

Breathing, a vital sign of pulse, is human’s basic instinct and the source of energy. Meditation, yoga or simply breathing is a way to take a look at one’s inner. Yet greed, lust, social disorder and imbalance would interfere with the inherent rhythm, make one suffocated, or even disrupt the path to eternal inner peace.

“Microcosmic Breath” is more than just a curatorial theme; it offers an experience for microcosmic view of air current. Transgressing from external condition to internal reflection, the installation in the gallery space would become a temporary spiritual sanctuary.

Between June and August 2020, two installation works by young artist Echo Hui would be commissioned and set up respectively in Gallery and Studio at Casphalt. These audio-visual video installations capture and visualise the air current movement at a particular space, somewhat like mirage, somewhat reflecting one’s mind.

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